Solution: Top-Down Processing

Written by betaveros

The puzzle consists of eight flags overlaid on top of each other. As clued by the title, we want to look at the flags from top (the one that isn't obscured by any other flags) to bottom (the one that all others are overlaid on). In order, they are the flags of:

  1. Barbados
  2. Oman
  3. Tajikistan
  4. Seychelles
  5. Wales
  6. Algeria
  7. Namibia
  8. Argentina

The first letters spell another country, BOTSWANA, which is the answer.

Author’s Notes

Wales's status as a constituent country of the United Kingdom is somewhat different from the others on this list, but alas, there aren't any unambiguous and undisputed countries starting with W. Besides, I can't pass up an opportunity to include a dragon in a puzzle.