Solution: Multilingual

Written by boboquack

Transliterating the hiragana yields N WA RA YA MA HA NA TA, which, through noticing the table layout's partially revealed hiragana and searching, indicates that the missing hiragana is さ or SA, in accordance with the below table:

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The phrases clue words in their respective language, and, combining them with the hiragana, we can form English words with which we can fill the blanks:

HiraganaLanguageClue (English)AnswerAnswer (English)Combined
NSwedishthe sixth animal in the Chinese zodiacormsnakenorM
WAGermanthe sum of one and threevierfourwAvier
RACzecha word that is the opposite of the word “v” [in]venoutraveN
YAEnglishabbreviation for the word “road” [road]rdrdyarD
MAFrenchmove underwaternagerswimmanAger
HALithuanianthe word used before the last item in a listirandhaiR
NAItalianthe masculine form of “la” [fem. the]ilmasc. thenaIl
TAIndonesianadverb meaning “teratur tetapi tidak selalu” [regularly but not always]seringoftentaseriNg

Combining the missing hiragana SA with the extracted letters MANDARIN yields the final answer, SAMANDARIN.